Feb 2, 2013

Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow Quad in ‘Sapphire Siren’

Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow Quad in ‘Sapphire Siren’
In my time of makeup use, I’ve always found Maybelline to be a reliable drugstore brand for eyeshadow. This product has proved once again that it is possible to find an eye shadow with strong pigmentation, for a lower price. The Eye Studio Eye Shadow Quad  comes in a range of different colour palettes, which can be found here (scroll down).
  •    Comes with a sponge applicator, one double sided end with thicker width and one double sided end with liner width.
  •    Two blue tones, white and black.
  •    All colours are shimmer, there are no matte shades.
  •    The applicator sponge allows for good pigmentation.
  •    Each colour compliments one another.
  •    The layout of the four shadows makes it easy to create a certain look (which is also pictured on the back of the packaging).
  • I would recommend using your own brush when applying this shadow to the crease, as it’s easy to misjudge the shape with the provided applicator. A small angled brush would also be best for applying eyeshadow beneath the waterline, as the sponge comes out with quite a thick line.

Keep an eye on my blog, as I’ll soon be doing a tutorial on how to use this palette to get a nice blue eyeshadow look.

Overall, I would rate this product ★★★★☆


  1. Hola guapa, gracias por pasa por mi blog :) para mí es un placer. Quiero felicitarte por el trabajo que haces en tu blog, enhorabuena! Te espero en mi blog.

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  2. These are really pretty colors! Definitely a great night out look.

    FashionEdible Blog

  3. I may skip this one....I have so many blues already *blush*

  4. great review! Maybelline is my go-to drugstore brand for eye makeup as well :)


Thank you :)